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I’m back after a nice Winter Break and have a bunch of stuff to post. First off is the Secret Society mixtape from the NikeTalk fam. Before you laugh that its from NikeTalk, I was surprised at how good some of these tracks are. I mean I knew I would enjoy the tracks from like Wale, Blu, and G.o.D. Jewels, but the tracks like Sunroof Missin and Imaginations were my favorites. All of the production and rapping was done my members of NikeTalk, but I am dissappointed they couldn’t get a verse from Curren$y, Dom Kennedy, and Thurz. Anyways give this mixtape a try, it has pretty much all types of hip-hop.



When it comes to sneaker websites, Niketalk has to be the most infamous one[named best sneaker website by Playboy Magazine]. It has  been around since 1999 and for their 10th Anniversary they will be releasing four limited edition tees. For the past couple of years, they have been releasing new tees, but I think this year is their best ones yet. The tees may not make sense if you aren’t a NT’er so just move along if you have no idea what I am talking about. I’ve been on Niketalk since 2003 and will be looking to cop the NT Knows tee. NT may not be as resourceful as it once was, but you gotta love the comedy in the General section.

I think I broke NT Rule #1 with this post

Buy at [Niketalk]

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god glory or death jewelsVodpod videos no longer available.

So what makes G.o.D. Jewels different from other rappers? Well he’s from Chicago and posts on Niketalk, so I got to give a fellow NTer some support. For a forum that is not music based, a lot rappers seem to be posting on there. To name a few Wale, Curren$y, Dom Kennedy, and Thurz from U-N-I. I’ve been posting on NT since 2004 when I was like 12, so I have like grown up with NT and I’ll give credit to NT rappers like G.o.D. Jewels who have that rap talent. Jewels has a mixtape coming out very soon and this is one of the songs that will be featured on it. His mixtape has been anticipated for a while on NT, so hoepfully after it drops he will gather some more support.


covernewYou would think the website most of these new rappers have in common would be a music site, but surpisingly most of them are member of NikeTalk. You can now add Dom Kennedy to the list of Wale, U-N-I, and others rappers who are known to browse the sneaker message board. Kennedy put out a nice mixtape and So Cal rap has been putting out a lot of new sound with Kennedy, U-N-I, Pac-Div, and others. Just supporting me fellow NT’ers so go hit that download.


panoOn NikeTalk in the General section we have a pretty expansive photography thread and some of the posters, including me, contributed to a common theme of panoramic photos. The three posted above are just some of the panoramics that I have taken but they are probably the best. The first one is London from the London Eye, the second is Paris from the Arc, and the last one is the Paris sunset from the top of the Eiffel Tower. There are many other photos from other contributors and you need to check them out. My favorites from the rest of the set are the ones from Hong Kong and the San Fran skyline ones. Big ups to FongStarr for putting the collection together on his blog.


Some NikeTalk users helping each other out, as Wale wants a grill and Ben is the jewler to see in Los Angeles.