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Jay’z first video for the year is weird. There is no other way to put it. I mean the song has become one of my favorites after I completely hated it on the first listen. This video though is probably my least favorite from Jay. I mean what is with the weird images like the bottles of milk? I don’t get it, someone fill me in on what I am missing. I do like the new Jaguar XJ in the video though.

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There was a TV rip of the video last night, but I waited until the high quality version surfaced this morning. I didn’t even know Jay was making a video for this, but this is more for his UK fans. The video has been making its rounds on all the UK music shows with the added popularity of Mr. Hudson. The video itself is decent showing a lot of different shots that portray being young. There should be at least one or two more videos from The Blueprint 3 coming soon, so be on the lookout for those.

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

The production on this song is nice, but Jay used a recycled verse he has used for Timbaland and Missy Elliot before. I’m Japanese but I can only understand what Verbal is saying, so I pretty much listen to this song for the nice piano beat. I think Verbal should release an album of his own, not sure how marketable it would be outside of Japan, but he can rap. This is off of their latest album Delirious Japanese that recently dropped in Japan.


Tonight at the American Music Awards, Jay and Alicia performed their hit song Empire State of Mind. I would have liked to have seen Jay and Ye do Hate, that would make a statement.

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robin thicke jay-z mxpVodpod videos no longer available.

New Jay-Z collaboration off of Robin Thicke’s upcoming album.


young jeezy jay z mxpI knew Jay-Z would be bringing his tour back to North America as he hit only a couple places earlier this year. Well it is now confirmed, with Young Jeezy opening, Jay-Z will be bringing the back The Blueprint 3 Tour in 2010. The list of cities and dates can be found after the jump, and tickets go on sale on November 13, 2009. Looks like March 24, 2010 will be my day as Jay will be hitting the HP Pavilion in San Jose.

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empire state of mind jay z alicia keys video mxp

Jay-Z released his new video for one of my favorite songs off of The Blueprint 3. This song makes me wish I lived in NY or at least had some type of affiliation. Alicia Keys is beautiful on the hook and in the video. The video was directed by none other than Hype Williams, who I think captured the city of NYC pretty well. Jay-Z and Alicia Keys performed this at the World Series last night, and if that isn’t a sign of how far hip-hop has come, then I don’t know what it. Check the video.

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keri hilson mxp 1Vodpod videos no longer available.

We knew Timbaland saved some beats that he had sent to Jay-Z for The Blueprint 3 for his own album Shock Value II and this may be one of them. Actually Keri Hilson really takes on this song and Jay just has one verse at the end. Why they did not put Keri Hilson on Reminder, I have no idea, because she would have been much better than the girl that is on the hook. Anyway Shock Value II is shaping up to be pretty good, as expected and you can’t really complain about another new Jay verse.


jay z alicia keys empire state of mind mxpVodpod videos no longer available.

Alicia Keys and Jay-Z once shared a Vanity Fair cover together and now they share this track off of The Blueprint 3. Keys sounds a little bit different but she still sings beautifully on the hook, unlike the female vocalist on Reminder. This song is calling Nas’ name for a remix. Jay even said he tried to get Nas for the song, but it was way too close to the release date and he couldn’t get him on in time. I am sure Nas will get a hold of this track and will remix it for release sometime next year. Not that the song needs him, but lets face it he deserves to be on this track to rep Queens.

Update: Jay-Z has confirmed that this will be the third single off of the album.


making of blueprint 3 cover jay z mxpThe Blueprint 3‘s album cover is pretty different from all of Jay-Z’s other covers as he is not actually on there. The video shows how his new album art was put together and all of the work that went into it. I though the three red stripes were simply added on in photoshop, which would have been the easier thing to do, but instead they actually painted it on there. Much easier said then done. Watch the video and go buy the album if you have not already, it is worth it.

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wale ad mxpMr. Delay himself, I mean Wale, is indeed pushing the release date again of his album two weeks to November 3, 2009. The album was originally supposed to drop in a week from tomorrow, but then was pushed to the end of October, and now to the beginning on November. I hope this does not end up like his Back to the Feature mixtape and get delayed half-dozen times. But Wale has some good news, the delay is due to a new tour that will also include Jay-Z and Lupe Fiasco. That enough is good enough for a delay for me if I can make it to the show. There is no way I am missing that if it comes to the Bay Area, those are easily three of my favorite artists, and I can be patient enough for the album if I go to the concert. More details will be coming soon, this better be coming to the Bay Area, please Wale.

jay z kid cudi msg concert mxpJust in case you missed Jay-Z’s epic concert tonight that he had at Madison Square Garden to raise money for families who lost loved ones on 9/11, I have the videos for you to watch. This night might have also been one of the highlights of Kid Cudi’s career, as he got to perform on stage with Jay-Z, for their new song Already Home. Cudi was not the only guest by far with others like Rihanna, Mary J Blige, John Mayer, Pharrell, and of course kanYe. KanYe performed Good Life and Can’t Tell Me Nothing after his verse on Run This Town so you will want to check out the videos. Jay put on quite the show, hitting songs from The Blueprint 3 to his classics. I wish I could have been there tonight, but unfortunately I live on the other side of the country. If Jay brings this show to the Bay Area, you can count me in, I will be there. For now check out the videos of the whole show.

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jay z tb3 mxp

Jay-Z has decided to push up the release of his anticipated album by three days so it will release on September 8. I assume this has to do with the album leaking and now he just wants to get it out there for sale. Rhapsody was scheduled to sell it then anyways but I hear they might have it as soon as today[Saturday].

rhapsody jay z mxpI am sure by now you have heard a couple songs from Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3, but Rhapsody now has the full album to listen to. This is more of an official leak since it has been ok’ed by Jay, but you know you can just download the whole thing if you know where to find it. The album doesn’t drop till next Friday September 11, 2009 so you can preview it here until then. To listen to the album click on the link below or the media player above.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

At least Jay has a positive outlook on his album being leak, I know it probably isn’t such a sensitive subject since he doesn’t really need to worry about the money like newer artists, but still at least he isn’t whining. What I want to know is why Jay still has a pager. I mean I know he probably has a Blackberry[Bold?] but why still use the pager? Anyways, album is dope, bunch of favorites, only thing to complain about is Timbaland’s tracks. BTW you can find six of the tracks that leaked off the album here.