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There are some BIG changes coming to Maxpreme in 2010. So you probably notice, to view this blog you have to go to As of today you can go straight to The bad thing is I lose my old posts as I am starting over. I will try to recover some of the posts, but you can always go back to read those at this address.

Now that 2009 is coming to a close, I have selected my 10 favorite albums from 2009. This was one of the best years for hip hop with Eminem, Raekwon, and Jay coming back but also newcomers like Wale and Kid Cudi had stellar debut albums. I will be making more of these top 10 lists with other areas like mixtapes and songs over the next week, but here is my list for the Top 10 albums of 2009.

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lockerz mxpFor those who do not know what Lockerz is, it is a website where you answer a question everyday and receive points. With these points you can redeem them for everything from iPods to PS3s to the latest video games. Everything is free, since all you have to do is answer each question each day. This is not a scam or anything, as people I know have already received new games like NBA 2k10. The only way to get in though is through an invite from a current member. Luckily for you, I am a current member and have plenty of invites to send out. All you have to do is leave a comment here with your email address, and I will send one your way.

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OsakaDawn01I am off to Japan, so Maxpreme may get some updates if I find Wi-Fi but I almost doubt it. Sayonara.

I’ll be back in a couple weeks with plenty of videos and photos.

flights-to-hawaiiI’m heading out to the islands of Hawaii, so the blog is on a little time out right now. I will probably have time to post things over the next couple of weeks, but don’t expect too much since I’ll be enjoying the warm weather and beaches. Aloha.

Don’t worry you are at the right place, I just changed the theme. The first six months of this blog were very good, but I am just going to switch it up. I won’t be posting as much this Summer due to travel, so there may be some days without news. I have yet to finish the theme change, but it should be done soon.

So I was watching that Big Sean video with him in the studio with 9th Wonder, and I happened to catch some interesting details. If you pause the video around the 3:28 mark, you will see the whiteboard 9th has in his studio with his projects listed. Under the beats column, listed is Lil’ Scrappy, David Banner, Angie Stone, Wale, Curren$y[I think, it’s hard to read] and to my pleasant suprise Kid Cudi! I had already known 9th was working with Wale[Back to the Feature] and his videos on Youtube showed him working with David Banner, but this is first I have seen of him working with Cudi. This really has me exceited as Cudi is easily one of my favorite new artists and 9th, well right now it doesn’t get much better than his production. I was hyped for some of Cudi’s other songs, but now I am really interested to see what 9th has cooked up for Cudi. I haven’t really heard Cudi on a 9th Wonder type of beat but I imagine it will be an amazing song. It looks like you will be able to add 9th Wonder to the list of producers for Cudi’s album which already consists of kanYe,, Ryan Leslie, Just Blaze, Swizz Beats, and Travis Barker. Damn that is one hell of a list.

So you might be able to tell the blog has been acting up today. Some of the posts and features on this blog are in bold and italics like this. I don’t know why but I’ll be looking to clear this up as I do not like the look of it.

I’m going to be out to Tahoe this weekend, so you can check this blog, but I doubt their will be any updates. 😉

I’m out in LA so this blog will see little to know action until probably Monday.

Like always heres hoping the next year is better!