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Jay’z first video for the year is weird. There is no other way to put it. I mean the song has become one of my favorites after I completely hated it on the first listen. This video though is probably my least favorite from Jay. I mean what is with the weird images like the bottles of milk? I don’t get it, someone fill me in on what I am missing. I do like the new Jaguar XJ in the video though.

Click to watch the video

Vodpod videos no longer available.



  1. The bottles of milk were from when he said “i used to drink cristal, them fuckers racist so i switched gold bottles on to that spade shit”
    the bottles were black then they turned white, showing that they were racist, the balls were him talking about him ballin and now he’s moved on, the balls represent the progression of the song and of what he is talking about as the song goes everything that he previously said progressed… i think its fucking legit, hes talking about life, and everything, but i guess it would be cooler if he threw alot of meaningless cars and bitches shaking their asses in there for your entertainment.

  2. It’s artistic man….Black & white….can’t ya tell? I think it’s prety kewl…refreshing to most of the other flahshy light types.

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