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Fitted Hawaii’s latest pack pays homage to the US Navy which has a lot of roots in the islands with Pearl Harbor. The pack features a Kamehameha, accurately named U.S.S. Kamehameha, which is named after the U.S. Navy submarine with the same moniker (SSBN-642). The hat is dipped in navy blue with a gold Kamehameha and eyelets, including a gold rope which wraps around and gold leaves, normally associated with highranking Naval officers. The rest of the pack features a zip-up hoody (called Fox One) in gray with 49 navy blue stars and one gold star (representing Hawaii). The front features the words FITTED HAWAII / ALOHA SERVED DAILY wrapped around a gold 50. The t-shirt, titled “Intercept” (as in radar intercept) features a radar graphic, printed on white, with gold leaves around the radar blip. The radar, centered on the Hawaiian islands is printed in navy blue. The pack is available starting today at Fitted Hawaii.

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