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With maybe the greatest news in hip-hop in a while, Jay Electronica, Mos Def, and Curren$y have joined forces to make up the hip-hop group of Center Edge Territory. Surprisingly the one of the guys who can be credited for the group is Dame Dash, as the three met at his new studio DD172. Before anyone calls this just another CRS[kanYe+Lupe+Pharrell], Curren$y says they are already six tracks deep and will be releasing an album next year. I know how hard it is for groups like these to get something done, but I think these guys can do it. I can see Mos Def and Jay Elec working together since Jay Elec opened for Mos Def on his Ecstatic Tour and Mos Def graced Jay with his verse on Exhibit B. Then you add Curren$y into the mix, who has become one of my favorite up and coming rappers. I can only imagine they will be getting Just Blaze on the beats with Jay E in the group, but Mos Def and Curren$y have had excellent production in the past as well. Check the video after the jump of Curren$y talking about the group.

Click to watch the video

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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