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we were once a fairytale kanye west spike jonze mxpHere it is. This short film, music video, whatever you want to call it, is crazy. After watching this you might think kanYe is either insane or really artistic. KanYe and Spike Jonze, director of the recently acclaimed Where the Wild Things Are movie, put together a short film for what was supposed to a music video for See You In My Nightmares, but became an immense project of its own. KanYe plays himself and he is extremely drunk, after that though I cannot really explain it. It is indescribable and you have to just watch for yourself. I find parts of it to be really funny, but after the whole experience you will be like “WTF did I just watch?!?”

Edit: My bad, I didn’t realize the video got cutoff at the end, added the full video.

Click to watch the video



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