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nike sb dunk hi gucci mxp 1After years of rumors and speculation, the “Gucci” Dunk Hi from Nike SB will finally be releasing. Really these have little to do with Gucci, but were given the name because of the similar color combination. Nick Diamond helped design these and he tells how these came about, and the reason for RESN on the tongue instead of Nike SB.

Hey folks, 
This is Nick from Diamond Supply Co. 
I just thought I would brief you guys on the concept behind the shoes and how they came about. 
Sam Smyth from Girl Skateboards designed these back in ’05 and I helped him a little with the materials. These were designed the same day as the Diamond “Tiffany” Dunks and were suppose to say Resn on the tongue, which was what Sam used to write when he was in the IBC tagging crew in SF. Green for the weed, red for fire and black for the resn. Gucci was just the nickname for the shoes but they were really going to be named Resn SB just as Tiffany’s are really named Diamond SB. True Story.

I hear these are slated for a Black Friday quickstrike release.

Click for more pics


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