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maestro knows s2ep10 tokyo mxpIn this episode Maestro makes his way back to Tokyo to skate around and take part in Eric Koston’s global launch of “The Life Of Koston” shot by Atiba Jefferson and Keiichi NItta. This episode is joined by special guests Atiba Jefferson, Ty Evans, Giovanni Reda & Rip Zinger.

Maestro says this his best episode yet, with the finale of season 2, and I couldn’t agree any more. It seems like each episode gets better and better, with the last episode being a tour of the hidden headquarters of Nike in Oregon. I can relate to this episode, as I too visited the Tokyo fish market in the wee hours of the day when I was in Japan in 2002. It is amazing to see what goes on everyday in just one area of one city in the world. Maestro talks about his inspirations and how fortunate he is to work with them. In doing so, Maestro motivates his audience and provides them with an important message at the end of the video. I am sure this will not be the end of Maestro Knows and I will definitely be looking forward to future episodes.

Click to watch the video


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