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wale pretty girls single cover mxpVodpod videos no longer available.
Before anyone says this song is old, I know but it appears Wale is just now officially making this his new single. World Tour is a dope song, but Pretty Girls really is the song that Wale needs if he wants some airtime on the radio. I have listened to this song more than 80 times and still not sick of it. Gucci Mane would not have been my first choice for a feature, but let’s face it, he is hot in the streets right now. Wale needs someone like that on his single. Wale has less than a month left until his debut album, Attention: Deficit, drops and although he has a tour with Jay-Z, J Cole, and N.E.R.D coming up, I don’t think too many people are looking forward to the album. He needs some type of marketing miracle between now and November 3, 2009 if he wants to sell the 45-50k he is hoping for. That isn’t even that much by 2009 standards, and unfortunately for Wale, he has slipped off of most people’s radar. Hopefully this song will release in time and get hundreds of radio plays before the first Tuesday in November, so I won’t be the only one in my county buying the album.



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