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kid cudi mxp 17The official numbers have rolled in and Cudi’s magic number is 104,419. Okay so he ended up fourth for the week and second among debuts, but with names like Jay-Z, Whitney Houston, and Muse only ahead of him, I think he did extremely well. Of course he isn’t going to put up the numbers like kanYe and Weezy and sell over 500k in the first week, but his numbers will improve as he stays in the game. Considering Raekwon’s Only Built for Cuban Linx II only opened with 65k in its first week, that alone should tell you it isn’t easy to sell records these days. I think Universal Motown could have done a lot more to push the album, [like what happened to the trailers that were supposed to be shown at theaters?] but it seems Cudi was able to get the job done on his own. I considered the album a success if he sold more than 100k, and he did so congrats to Cudi. Cudi will not be taking a break either, as he has months of shooting for his HBO show ahead of him as well as a couple more albums for next year.


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