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gran tursimo 5 ferrari 458 italia tribute mxpAs real as the picture above may look, it is not. The workers at Polyphony Digital are truly artists as they have recreated the Ferrari 458 Italia perfectly for Gran Turismo 5. Both Forza 3 and GT5 released trailers today with the newest Ferrari, but Gran Turismo’s blows Forza’s out of the water. It doesn’t even come close. The trailer from Polyphony Digital shows the best looking graphics ever on any console. I have never seen anything so real, and I am not just talking about looks. They also got the physics down, as the 458 drives over the bumps on the race course, the wheels move up and down as they would in real life. This game is expected to drop this December exclusively for the Playstation 3, and it will be a must have.

Click to watch the video


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