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the blueprint 3 outtakes alex goose mxpThe Blueprint 3 is easily one of my favorite albums of this year, but I am actually really disappointed after listening to these songs. Here’s the story, this producer, Alex Goose, was contacted by Jay-Z’s A&R and Alex sent in over a dozen beats to Jay-Z for The Blueprint 3. Unfortunately none of the songs were chosen for the final cut but Alex has now released them for everyone to hear. What the fuck was Jay-Z thinking? These beats are incredible and have that classy instrumental sound that he was looking for. I am not saying these are better than the kanYe and No I.D. produced songs that are on the album, but these are definitely up there. What dissapoints me is he chose songs like Venus vs. Mars, Reminder, and Off That over these beautifully produced tracks. I am really hoping this will not be the end of these beats and Jay-Z. He really needs to get on these tracks. The only way to listen to the songs is by clicking on the picture above or the link below, but you really need to check them out. So far, my favorites are 02 Rise and 03 Hova’s Back.


Update: It doesn’t seem like the download on the site works very well, so I reuploaded it it Megaupload.



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