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ipod nano 5g mxpWell I cannot say I was surprised by anything Apple announced today, except for maybe what they did not announce. Okay so the new iPod Nano now has a video camera, but why not the new iPod Touch? It would be too expensive? BS, how can you say that when the new 16GB iPod Nano is under $200. I heard they did not have the supplies ready for new iPod Touches, but then why update the iPod Touch with just speed upgrades, that are hardly noticeable. So the new Nano has a FM Radio and a video camera, but it cannot take pictures? Why does it seem like Apple is doing everything half-heartedly these days? Let’s face it the current iPod Shuffle is a gimmick and I’m hoping this does not become a trend for the other iPods, because Apple has a lot to live up to these days.

Didn’t feel like making another post, so I am going to sum up the rest of what Apple announced today. I knew there would be no tablet announcement, but the Cocktail addition came to iTunes today in the form of iTunes LP. The iPod Classic got bumped back up to 160 GB, the still button-less iPod Shuffle got some new colors, and the iPod Touch only got a processor upgrade. iTunes 9 released, minus the Social Networking features that were rumored, but with some visual upgrades to the overall look as well as the iTunes store. The iTunes store lost some features with the new look, like no more shopping cart, so make sure you want that item when you press [Buy]. Overall I don’t want to say I am disappointed with Apple, but this was one of their most lackluster media events.


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