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dj-am-undefeated-tshirtI can’t say I knew him personally, but I was incredibly shocked and saddened to hear that DJ AM died today. I don’t want to say like everyone on Niketalk is family, but a lot of people take pride that celebrities like DJ AM and Wale would make posts once in a while. I remember seeing Adam’s sneaker collection years back, even before I think he really become a celebrity, and was amazed at how massive it was. From when he appeared on Entourage or was seen with then girlfriend Nicole Richie, I would tell people he was a Niketalk’er and be proud of it like I knew him. Musically, he had an definitely ear for the party and was a genius on the turntables, there is no doubt about that when watching video’s of him DJing. I’ve always wanted to learn how to DJ and AM was one of the main reasons why. When I heard about these new DJ video games releasing, I was a little skeptical, but when I saw DJ AM’s video of endorsing DJ Hero, I was sold. I know he had a couple projects in the works, like a TV series for MTV about his past drug problems as well as his appearance as a playable character in DJ Hero. Hopefully they will make some type of tribute to him and honor him. Forget all of the drug problems he may have recently had, just let him rest in peace.


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