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the blueprint 3 tracklisting jay -zMore rumors being confirmed today, first the PS3 Slim and now the official tracklisting for Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3. I am glad it is not the same as the rumored list because this one looks to have some better tracks like the one with Pharrell and the one with Jeezy. I am a little dissapointed Nas couldn’t make it on to Empire State of Mind, but he should make a remix of it later on. There are some surprise additions as far as features go, I didn’t think Jeezy and Swizz Beats would make it on there, but I thought J.Cole might since he is a Roc Nation artists[guess Wale’s tracks didn’t go through]. Luke Steele is a surprise, but I heard Jay-Z liked the Empire of the Sun song that ended and episode of Entourage and was hooked on them. I don’t blame him, that song is amazing. There are a lot more features on here than I expected, I definitely did not expect Drake, Cudi, and J. Cole to appear since they are all new artists without albums out, but I guess this is a sign of new times since there are no old Roc-a-fella members besides Ye. Before you know it, September 11, 2009 will be here and we will have the album, but expect a couple more leaks before then.

Update: After looking at it again, there are way too many features.


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