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wale album delayCudi’s album already got pushed back from August to September and it appears Wale’s debut album will be pushed back as well. Originally Attention: Deficit was supposed to release a week after Cudi’s album on September 22, 2009 but now it will drop sometime during October. From what I have heard Wale had some trouble clearing a sample, but it could also mean he is adding a couple more songs on there. Wale also said he might, key word might, be on Cudi’s album. This would not be a total surprise since both of them are good friends and have pretty much grown into the rap game together. We’ll find out that soon, but looks like we will have to wait a bit longer for Wale’s album.

Update: October 20, 2009 is the new release date. Should be a good day for hip-hop with The Roots, Clipse, and Wale all dropping an album, but that’s also quite a competition for Wale. Two well known groups against one up and coming rapper might not be the best situation for him, but nonetheless I will be copping Attention: Deficit.


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