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I thought this guy’s intervew with Cudi was bad, but this is just terrible. Get this guy behind the camera, so we don’t have to see him and he can ask his questions from back there. This guy needs to do his research, every time he had a question that needed examples, he only came up with one example. I don’t know if this guy gets nervous in the presence of talent, but it wouldn’t be hard to hold an interview better than him.

Alright now that I am done with that, LeBron has become quite the businessman in the past seven years. His story sounds very similar to Entourage, in the way that he wants to help his childhood friends become successful given the situation he is in. He has already built up quite the marketing and agency company in the past years, and it seems he will be going strong even after his NBA days are over. This is his last year in his contract with not only the Cleveland Cavaliers, but Nike as well. The way he talks about working with other companies, Nike shouldn’t have to worry about him coming back. Cleveland on the other hand might have to worry if they don’t win a ring this year.


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