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Honestly, I cannot say I am surprised by this, but it is a little shocking to finally hear that kanYe does not write all of his verses. I mean if you look at the credits on his albums, you will see many other artists’ names who put in work, but I always kind of though Ye did it all. I think I realized other people were writing for him when 808s dropped and in interviews Cudi would talk about his work on the album. From there you could see Cudi would think up some of the stuff that Ye would be saying. Yeezy obviously isn’t the only rapper who has people write for him and I am sure most rappers are like this. I know for a fact Wale writes for other rappers, so if you hear a verse laced with sports and sneaker metaphors, most likely it was written by Wale. I think I would be more disappointed if I found out someone like Lupe had people writing for him, because he is known for his own lyrics in particular.


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  1. It just goes to show that hardly anyone is the machine they claim to be. They spout hard work but through someone else’s words. Don’t get me wrong- if they spit it nice, good on ’em. Props to the dudes and chicks who make a tidy living from selling their lyricism, it’s a business after all…

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