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10deepagenda22At first look, these New Era fitteds looks pretty nice, but upon further inspection they are a complete ripoff of Supreme’s Spring/Summer 2009 fitted. Supreme did the exact thing on the right side of one of their New Eras, putting “Championship Years” and then 1994-2009. 10.Deep did the same thing, but 1995 since they were already a year late by Supreme’s standards. Not only on this hat, but on another 10.Deep put a championship ring for every year, but Supreme already did that earlier this year but with a pennant. The rest of the stuff from XDC is alright, but I don’t think I could support a brand that just copies another. Well to be fair Supreme normally blatantly copies other brands like Polo, Nike, Jordan Brand, etc. but they recreate their logos, 10.Deep on the other hand is copying the concept. It’s a little different, but if you’re going to copy, copy like Supreme.

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