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Entourage is back for a sixth season in two weeks on July 12th, but the Season 5 DVD drops tomorrow. I will definitely be heading out to Best Buy even though I have already seen every episode half a dozen times. The four guys from Queens are definitely entertaining, and I got my whole family hooked on to the show. A couple Season 6 sneak previews are leaking out on to HBO and the internet, and it looks to be one of the best seasons yet. They are taking it back to the fun times of Season 1, which sounds great to me. Sloan[Emmanuelle Chriqui] is back and so is Turtle’s on and off screen love interest Jamie Lynn Signler to add to the usual ups and downs of Vince, E, Drama, Turtle, and Ari. Unfortuantely I will be in Japan on the season premier, but will definitely be checking out all the episodes when I get back. Take a look at the clips after the jump and head over to HBO because I can’t embed their videos. July 12th, don’t miss it, unless you are on a 15-hour flight like me.


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