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b2tf_frontThe mixtape is finally here, Wale, 9th, and plenty of others. Check it out. I know I am a little late but I am on Hawaiian time. Check the tracklist after the jump for all the info.

Finally finished listening to the whole thing, and well I am very impressed. It was well worth the wait and Wale delivered. Not only did he deliver, but he brought some of the biggest collaborations this year. I thought the Chester French mixtape had a lot, but Wale really showed his collaborating skills. As far as 9th Wonder, it really doesn’t get much better as far as production for me. He is easily in my top 5 and he shows why in songs like Life’s a Bitch, Cyphr, Tito Santana, and Wordplay among many others. He is not the only producer as others like Mark Ronson, Warren G, and Best Kept Secret also show off their talents. Wale has definitely grown in the past couple of years and should have one hell of an album coming out this year. I am saying it now, Drake and Cudi are very good but Wale is the best new rapper.


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