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Picture 1I know I cover this mixtape more than ESPN covered the NBA Finals, but Wale is one of my favorite new artists and I have been waiting a long time for this mixtape. Wale just announced on Niketalk and Twitter that the mixtape is still in its finishing stages and will release this Friday. There are too many songs to fit on a physical CD, so he has to figure out which songs to drop, which I imagine is exteremely difficult to do since he probably wants all of them on there. I was hoping it would drop by my flight to Hawaii tomorrow, but I will be able to download on Friday and I’ll find my way to listen to it. I know he has gone over his release dates, but you need to realize how busy Wale is and how some of this mixtape was out of his hands. He had to deal with getting other artists to submit their verses and with LRG getting their shit together. I really believe it will be releasing this time, even though I said that about the June 13th date, but Wale will come through this time. Don’t let me down.


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