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Angie Martinez asks Mos Def about the video that leaked out where he challenged rappers like Jay-Z and kanYe to a rap battle. Mos Def says the video was never supposed to make its way to the internet, but he is standing by his word. What he wants to propose is a Battle Royale rap battle in New Orleans that will benefit charities where there will be a DJ battle, marching band battle, beat battle, and the Battle Royale. The Battle Royale would consist of two 5-man rap teams, one of them headed by Mos Def. He says on his team he would have MF Doom, Jay Electronica, Nas, and Black Thought, damn that is one hell of a team. He is hoping Jay and/or kanYe will accept the challenge, which I hope they will do because this would be crazy. I wonder who Jay would choose, I am thinking kanYe, Eminem, & Andre 3000 because the last two are on his top 5 MC list and kanYe is kanYe. I can’t think of one more, but hopefully this shit will happen on December 30th or 31st as Mos Def proposed.


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