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Not only does No I.D. represent the death of autotune, which he produced, but he also talks about the death of albums itself. I can go both way on the situation he presents. No I.D. says the days are gone where an album was produced by a single person, like Quincy Jones for Michael Jackson’s albums. Today albums are like a greatest hits compilation of multiple producers with different sounds, because artists think every song needs to be a classic. I agree with him on that because kanYe’s albums are like that where they have a consistent sound throughout the album and same with Eminem’s with Dre at the reigns. Yet Nas’ Illmatic and Jay’s The Blueprint featured many producers but still had a pretty consistent sound. Although there are few albums like that, I have to agree that the days of classic albums are gone. I think Mos Def’s The Ecstatic was one of those few albums to release this year with a conisistent sound but more than one producer. No I.D. says Jay’s upcoming The Blueprint 3 will be a classic so hopefully I will be agree with him 100% on that.


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