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Picture 1Twitter has become a wondeful resource for music news if you do some searching. Besides blogs, this is the only way we can get info form artists or people with credible information straight from them. DJ Skee confirmed the release date of Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3 as September 11, 2009 as well as dropping some info on the upcoming singles. The first single will be titled D.O.A. or the Death of Autotune. I assume Jay will be lashing out on the current state of hip-hop and the use of autotune, which is kind of like steroids for rappers, on the first single which is expected to drop this Sunday as a street single. The second single, Off That, is expected to drop in July and features Drake. I know Drake has mentioned he has been working with Jay, but that is pretty crazy that Jay would put him on a single just like that. It may not be so surprising though since Drake is probably the most popular artist right now. Sounds like we will have a nice Summer to lead us up to an epic September with The Blueprint 3.

[DJ Skee]

UPDATE: So DJ Funkmaster Flex will be debuting D.O.A. tonight on Hot 97, so look out for the radio rip tonight unless it leaks out before then. The song was produced by No I.D. and kanYe, which is kind of ironic since 808s was all in autotune.


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