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Mos Def’s flow is incredible as seen in this video of him rapping the first verse of Casa Bey on the streets of Osaka. Seeing this video makes me a little jealous, because I will be in Osaka in a couple months but Mos Def will not be there to rap like this. The Ecstatic has been rumored to have been pushed back all the way to August 24th, but here are some reasons why I think the news is bogus.

1. August 24 is a Monday, albums usually drop on Tuesdays

2. It is 6 days before the album drops and its “pushed back” its already manufactured and stuff. Do you realize how much money this will cost the label and record company? Its about money come one lets get real. Artists make maybe one dollar or so per album sold the rest goes to the record company because they pay for the CD, the manufacturing, publicity and the studio time unless the artist has their own. Artists make a lot of their money of endorsements and ads and stuff and concerts. Really this would kill a record company to push it back two months and not add any new material?! Sales are gonna go down a lot. I think this is complete bs. Its manufactured already. What are they gonna do have those CDs sit in a warehouse for 2 months?

Just some things to think about…


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