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little_brother_rapPhonte recently caught up with 215 Magazine and dropped some info on his upcoming projects. The thing that really caught my eye was what he had to say about his group Little Brother with Rapper Big Pooh.

At some point this year Little Brother will release “The Leftback EP,” which will consist of songs we recorded during the “Getback” sessions, a few new joints, some remixes, and an in-depth behind the scenes DVD. That’s pretty much gonna be our denouement, I think.

If this is their “denouement” then this will be their last album together as a Little Brother. This really saddens me because if so, they will be leaving De La Soul as the last true hip-hop group staying together. I think for their fans, they need to re-unite with 9th Wonder and go out on top. I know there is some animosity among the three of them, but I think they owe it to their fans for just one more great album. Not to say the other producers are bad, but it just isn’t the same without 9th Wonder controlling the production. Well at least we will be getting some new stuff this year.



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  2. […] Village’s death came as a shock to many, but also a wake up call to people like 9th Wonder, who is thinking exactly like I have been. I have been dying for 9th Wonder to produce an album for Little Brother again. I mean LB is great, […]

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