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pete rock nasOh man, I have been waiting 15 years for this. Well not really considering I was 2 when Illmatic released, but this is something I am really really looking forward to. Illmatic is easily my favorite album of all time and I am sure it is the same for many others as well. The World is Yours was produced by Pete Rock and happens to be my favorite song on the album as well. Pete and Nas have not worked together since then for many reasons, but it looks like they have settled their problems.

Pete Rock told that “I sent music to him. And I’ll just continue to send him music, you know? Whatever he likes, he’ll probably put to the side. But, I’m real excited about working with him.”

The pair haven’t work together since Illmatic, even though they had great success as a team. Nas has been notorious for choosing some bad beats lately so hopefully that will change. 9th Wonder also sent him some beats so this next album might be a classic. 9th, Pete Rock, might as well get DJ Premier, LES, and Large Professor for an Illmatic reunion. I know 9th Wonder wasn’t on there, but he’s got that same sound as them and it would be a good fit. Nas, please.



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