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entourage-large-msg-114979583872-2The boys from Queens will be back this year, but in a new home. I don’t mean a new home in Hollywood, but Entourage will now be airing on SpikeTV later this year, after they nabbed the rights for the episdoes from the first five seasons as well as future ones for $600,000. I knew Entourage would be coming to network tv when episodes started becoming 22 mins long, which is the time for a regular 30 minute show. HBO has done this before with most of their shows, starting with Sex and the City on TBS, The Sopranos on A&E, and The Wire on BET. I know HBO just wants to get their shows out there, but they end up being censored so much that it isn’t even worth it. I don’t even know how they will be able to even air Ari’s scenes, which are by far the funniest. The only good thing is brand new episodes will still air first on HBO, and only re-runs will be on Spike.



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