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Drake has some big collaboration lined up for him that should lead up to a very interesting album. I was a big fan of Drake’s So Far Gone mixtape, so I expect big things from him in the future. I noticed they started playing some of Drake’s songs on the radio, so it’s good to hear he is getting his sound out there for those who don’t download mixtapes. Some say he might have reached his peak with So Far Gone, but I think his song with Cudi and the song with Weezy and Yeezy will show how high he can get.

“Me and [Kid] Cudi were talking at the [mtvU] Spring Break, just about so many people asking me ‘When’s that Cudi record coming? You and Cudi?’ Me and Cudi gonna make it work,” Drake promised. “Other than that, I got a song with ‘Ye and Wayne. I got a song: me, Wayne and Jeezy. I got some stuff coming to just keep the people entertained until that album hits the shelves, and hopefully my work on So Far Gone will allow me to at least break into the industry in an impressive way.”


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