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rw_rsneakerRappers having their own sneakers is nothing new, starting with 50 having his G-Unit line with Reebok, The Game with 310, Lupe with Reebok and Converse, and most recently kanYe with Nike. Well Jay-Z doesn’t like to be left out as he is starting his own line of sneakers under his Rocawear brand. The R+ Evolution doesn’t look terrible, but really Jay? This is the best you could do? I mean the Yeezys are not the best either, but at least it looked somewhat new. These just look like a book version of the Air Force 1 without the swoosh. There’s another pic after the jump with a better view so voice your opinion on Jay’s sneakers in the comments. The Blueprint 3 better not be like this.

UPDATE: Thanks to one of my readers for pointing out that I was totally off on this as Jay had his own line with Reebok earlier too. I totally forgot about the S.Carter line which was somewhat popular back in the day.  These will probably be more popular than them, but not nearly as the Air Yeezys.

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  1. please check your history. jay-z was the first with a shoe deal, with reebok (the S. Carter Collection), everyone else followed. this is his first shoe out of his own brand (the rocawear brand). He is not the first (Master P with P. Miller), but I am sure it will be the first successful one.

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