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One of the Playstation3’s newest series is getting even better in the sequel. Not only do we get a new story in Uncharted 2, the folks at Naughty Dog listened to the fans and added online multiplayer and co-op. I loved the first Uncharted as it looked and played pretty well but it was missing that multiplayer gameplay that most games have. So far for multiplayer, I have seen the capture the flag and deathmatch style games. I haven’t seen any of the co-op but I hear it provides an alternative story to the single-player one. Either way I can’t wait to play it and it will not be long as the multiplayer beta starts June 3rd. Unfortunately, as of now pre-ordering inFAMOUS is the only way of getting in as of now, but I am sure QORE subrscribers[me] will get in and there will probably be some type of sign-up like the Resistance 2 and Killsone 2 betas.

Click for screenshots


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